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14 September 2010 @ 05:22 pm
TVD fic  


TITLE: Let The Light Shine The Way.

CHARACTERS: Stefan + Caroline w/ slight mentions of others within the TVD universe.
Words: 2,000ish
Summary: This is the missing scene from the pilot. Caroline mentions to Bonnie she spoke to Stefan and learnt his birthdate and other details in 4th period. So i bring you Math with Caroline and Stefan!


“Stefan?” A blonde girl, the one who was watching him earlier in the hallway, calls out to him as he crosses the quad. He can distinctly hear the click clack of her shoes quicken as she tries to keep up with his long strides.

“Stefan Salavtore?” She tries again a little louder this time and he briefly considers ignoring her but then she’s saddling up beside him and he can’t work out how she caught up to him.

“Yes that’s me.” He replies coolly. He’s got his hands stuffed deep into his pockets and looking around trying desperately to give off an uninterested vibe. But she doesn’t seem to get the message because her blue eyes are sparkling and she’s smiling back at him widely like he’s just offered to take her to prom.

“Gosh were you a marathon runner at your old school or something?” She laughs letting out a puffed breath, and rearranges her windblown hair into a pretty bun.

“Uh not that I know of.” He quirks his eyebrows at her. He’s already been talking to her for longer than he’d like.

“Well you should try out for the track team here; all the hot guys are in track...” She smirks and he catches her eyes roaming down his body.

Stefan runs a hand through hair, and coughs feeling a little embarrassed.

Caroline’s excitement heightens when she notices Stefan’s blushing. How cute.

“Did you want something uhh...”

“Caroline. Caroline Forbes.” She supplies and smiles again but this time more naturally, with no forced sincerity, and he finds most of his uncomfortableness melts away.

Forbes. He recognises the name immediately. A founding family.

“I thought you had Math Mr Smith this period?” She asks him and her tone is unsure.

Stefan frowns, because he was so concentrated on glamouring the school receptionist he didn’t even bother to check his schedule earlier.

“Let me check,” He replies pulling out his sheet of paper with his lesson plan on it. He skims the page and below History with Mr Tanner which he’s already had with her, Elena, he spots it, Math with Mr Smith , “yes I do.”

“Oh thank god!” Caroline exclaims and the dimples in her cheeks show, “There’s like no one else cool in that class... Let’s sit together.” She slides her arm in the crook of his before he can object.

He thinks about brushing her off and ditching the class altogether but she’s so excited and he can hear her heart beating faster with every step they take and decides maybe he could use this opportunity to find out more about the Mystic Fall of 2009.

 They walk along the quad toward the Math room with her spouting off idle bits of gossip about the people they pass and him nodding and smiling where appropriate.

She was actually really funny in her own quirky sarcastic way.

“That’s Meredith Sulez...” Caroline informs him, pointing to a pretty brunette in a tunic with coral green eyes, “she’s trying to bring back tube socks.”

“Which,” Caroline leans to whisper, “is so 2001 and never going to happen.”

Stefan smiles and nods, pretending he knows anything about this centuries fashion. It’s been nearly 200 years and all he knows about fashion is that it that it comes and goes.

And yet there’s nothing like the time he was alive, the civil war era when elegant women danced around in fancy dresses and handsome gentlemen in silky tuxedoes bowed and asked for their hands, he imagines Caroline would fit in like a glove in that era. Her long blonde locks in ringlets, her pale skin illuminated with blush powder and her slim figure in a sky blue dress, like the colour of her eyes.  He could imagine that as if she was wearing it before him right now.

Caroline catches him staring at her as they round the corner and lets out a giggle.

There’s something about the way Caroline giggles that distantly reminds him of Lexie and someone else... 

A faint vague memory sparks somewhere in the back of his mind but he can’t quite place it.  

Caroline tosses her blond hair back over her shoulder and motions for him to sit beside her in the left back corner of the room.

They sit in the back and it’s as if Caroline silently commands some kind of teenage army because everyone else sits at least three seats away in either direction from them giving them enough privacy.

After a moment of listening to Mr Smith explain quadratic formulae to the class a piece of paper lands on his lap. Written on the front in neat cursive writing is, ‘Stefan’, and when he opens the note he sees a small paragraph signed at the bottom with ‘Caroline xx’.

He looks over at her and he can see a smile in her eyes as she stares ahead and nods studiously as Mr Smith looks over at them.

Mr Smith smiles back at her kindly, and praise her for her neat workings out. Leaving Stefan with no doubt that Caroline Forbes’ got this man wrapped around her pinky finger. There’s a charm about her that isn’t apparent from a first meeting, he sees that now. It’s only after a moment with her that you really start to appreciate how hard she tries to impress everyone around her. How hard she works to make people notice her.

He looks back down at the note and attempts to answer each question.

The first is, ‘Why and where did you move here from?’

Well, he can’t really answer that honestly so he tries to invent something semi-believable. ‘I moved here from New Jersey, but my family moves around a lot. My father and mother work for the army so we would stay on bases every time we moved when I was a kid. But now I’m staying with my uncle at the Salvatore family boarding house for my junior and senior years. ‘

The second is ‘When’s your birthday?’ He doesn’t really see the relevance in that question but doesn’t see the harm in answering it either so he scrawls down ‘June 19.’ He considers writing the year for a moment, just to see her confused expression but decides against it. The amusement would not be worth the explanation.

The next question makes him break out in a big goofy smile because he really doesn’t understand why Caroline even wants to know the answer to, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ he looks across at her and catches her cerulean eyes, he scrawls down ‘Blue.’

He scrunches the paper up, and slides it across the table towards her, she snatches it off the desk with lightening speed and he almost laughs out loud.

She reads his answers and he watches out of the corner of his eye at her reactions. All of which are all degrees of adorable. When she finishes the note she looks up and exclaims quietly while the rest of the class is discussion an equation, “June is my favourite month! You know Stefan we have so much in common.” He laughs at her even though she says it with deadly seriousness. And a bubbly smile spreads over her lips in response.

Stefan’s eyes suddenly are drawn to the pinkness of her lips. They drift across to the blush on her cheeks and then down to the perfect curved line of her porcelain neck, he’s now acutely aware of just how close they are sitting and he can practically feel the blood pulsating through her entire body. Then her arm brushes up against his when she reaches for her water bottle the friction sets the nerve endings on fire. He jerks his arm away from the desk violently.

Before Caroline can ask him what the matter is the bell goes and Stefan gathers his things quickly, he wants to hunt in the woods near the cemetery before he’s craving for anything un-vegetarian gets any stronger.

Stefan’s almost out the door when Caroline’s hand taps him on the shoulder, “Hey here’s my number." She smiles timidly, "Call me if you ever want to hang out at the Mystic Grill after school. There’s not a whole else to do in this lame town.”

She smirks in pure satisfaction when he takes the piece of paper from her hand with a pleasant smile. He genuinely thinks that hanging out with her might not be such a bad idea. She was funny and made him feel like he could be himself, well as much as he coulfd be himself with anyone, but next time he'd have to have had a good deal of animal blood beforehand of course.

Caroline side stepped him and turned her head back to send him one last dimpled smirk as she walks away and it suddenly dawns on him who else she reminds him of... Katherine.

Caroline Forbes reminds him of Katherine Pierce. If his heart were beating it would have stopped right then.

Well, she reminds him of Katherine before he knew she was a crazy bitch vampire. And despite the fact brown eyed brunette Elena is Katherine’s doppelganger its blue eyed blonde Caroline that makes him think of the girl who charmed his heart over a hundred years ago.

And the resemblance is enough to leave him shaken. That’s why he was so guarded around her at first.  

He watches Caroline happily sashay away and he can feel the fangs inside his gums ache with desire.

He needs to get the cemetery right now.

Thoughts and comments are welcome!  xxx

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