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02 March 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Lost fanfiction  

I have no idea where this came from... i just had an urge to write something Jacket after watching this season of LOST. I have this weird feeling that Jack/Juliet are going to find each other in the new sideways reality the show has created, like they were always meant to.

Title: The Golden Ratio
Word count: 996
Summary: Occurs in Sideways world of LOST. No real spoilers all pure speculation after watching 6x05.
Ship: Jack/Juliet

The Golden Ratio

It happens one day. All of sudden she’s driving down the street and a song comes on, something she’s never heard before “Downtown” but the thing is she has heard it before. She sings half the lyrics before she realizes that she doesn’t even know them. And yet somehow, she does. It’s nothing at first a few rare moments of déjà here and there, a feeling of time repeating, of an action occurring on an endless loop. It’s not until she meets him, Doctor Jack Sheppard, that she understands. Somehow, somewhere she has lived this all before.

 “Hi Jack, I’m Juliet.”

They both stop and stare once she says it.

“Have we met before?” He asks, confused, and she wonders if he is always confused because the frown lines have taken up a permanent residence on his forehead. She replies no, and blushes because what she’s really thinking is, “No, I would remember meeting someone as handsome as you.” But later, hours after the chance meeting is over, she realizes the answer to his question was yes.

She dreams of him. His hands grazing her lower back, he’s concerned, worried about her. He places a hand on her hip and her fingers brush past his. Electricity shoots through her spine and she wakes up from her sleep thrashing about and covered in sweat. She has to see him again.

Juliet makes a point of having a follow up consultation with the woman who was trying to convince right before her husband broke his back.  She walks through the hospital corridor, slowly as possible, hoping to spot him. It’s when she least expects it, leaving the hospital full of disappointment, that he bumps right into her nearly sending her into the curb and in front of an arriving ambulance. “Whoa, Hey I got you.” He laughs gripping her elbow and pulling her away from the street.

“Juliet, right?” He smiles, he seems really happy to see her and she wonders if she’d wearing the same silly grin.

There’s a long awkward pause and when she opens her mouth to fill it he does the same. They laugh at each other and the atmosphere instantly relaxes like they’ve been here before, they’ve done this a million times.

“Do you want to grab a coffee or-r something?” He asks and for the first time since she met Jack Sheppard she feels like she might be intimidating him for a change.

“Okay,” She agrees enjoying back and forth they seem to have, “But only if we go Dutch.”

He grins widely at that, “Are you some kind of anti-male feminist?”

She rolls her eyes and lets out a small laugh. “No, I just… I just got out of a rather bad relationship. It’s silly but I like feel like I’m a little bit more independent now.”

He continues to smile, but inside he’s curiosity has piqued at the mention of past flame. Jack was always the jealous type.

They sit down for coffee a couple times a week, he asks her strange questions like, has she ever been somewhere and felt like she’s been there before. And what’s even stranger is she finds herself admitting that she has. Jack is quiet for a moment, observing the nervous way her eyes dart around the café, trying to avoid his own. When they finally meet in the middle, brown on blue, he sees something there he cannot explain. Something like understanding, empathy, something no one else has ever looked at him with. They spend the next thirteen years falling in and out of love, over and over again, the same pattern repeating for eternity. It’s oddly comforting.

David has her piercing blue eyes. He has her eyes and Jack’s courage. She’s rather thankful for that, seeing as her courage has never been something she could be proud of. Weak willed was how her therapist Harper described her. If Juliet could describe Harper she’d use the words bitter cow. 

Jack calls her up in the middle of the night every now and then, begging her to come back to him. Begging for a second chance, and she so desperately wants to grant him that, because she knows he never meant to drive her away. He couldn’t help himself that was the problem with Jack; he could help everyone else but never himself.

She sees him now walking towards her car, he looks tired but there’s something different about the way his shoulders are now, he’s head is just a little bit higher, as if he finally let the weight of the world slip off his shoulders.

“Hey Juliet,” He greets casually leaning across her car window, “You look good.”

She tries not to be too obvious but inside she feels herself shinning a little brighter because of the complement. Jack always had a way of making her feel stronger, braver.

"David told me you made it too his audition."

She smiles, grateful for not only her son's sake, but also Jack's. David had been slipping further and further away from Jack, just like she had after David was born.

“Can we go somewhere to talk?” He asks quietly, looking down her left hand that is resting on the windowsill in front of him, “Please Juliet, I really miss you.”

She studies him, his eyes plead silently with her and she can feel David’s eyes watching them like a hawk from the lawn where he was playing. Juliet lets out a sigh and follows Jack’s eyes, down to her left hand her wedding ring is still there, giving away her answer, as if it was even a question. 

“Sure. Why don’t we go for coffee?” She offers. And wonders why she ever thought she could break the habit they were forever locked in.

“We could go dutch?”

Jacks grins widely, it’s the first real smile she’s seen on his face in months.

“I’d love that. Really I would,” He’s voice starts to waver, “I’m so sorry Juliet. For not being there for you... before my dad died I had my priorities all screwed up. If I could do it all again, I would do it all so differently.”

Juliet tries not to cry at the sound of Jack in such pain and the promise he's making that he could never really guarantee. But somehow she already knows what she has to say.

“It doesn’t matter who we were Jack, it only matters who we are.”


She feels..: nostalgic
Kelly (Kalliopi) aka Yllektra: pushing daisiesforce_oblique on March 2nd, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Oh I loved it hunni!!
I love how you hve them interact and David is their kid.
Marvelous read!
squeakyboots: charlottesqueakyboots on March 2nd, 2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
I liked it! Especially the part about David getting courage from Jack--I think Juliet's experience on the island was what made her strong. You're spot on to think that in the AU, without that experience, she would be weaker and more uncertain of herself.
Crissy the office lady: Jacket_scrubsneuroticris on March 2nd, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
Love, love, love it! The thought of Juliet being David's mother never even occurred to me. Now I'm hoping that this becomes canon. It would be great if it were true because then it truly would be an alternate universe that they've been showing.

I hope you decide to continue with another one-shot in this verse.
Sunny: Lost reunitedsunny_serenity on March 11th, 2010 02:55 am (UTC)
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